Everything You Need to Know About Blue Light and Gaming

If you’re involved in the gaming community, chances are that you’ve heard about blue light, recently. It’s a popular topic of conversation, especially when it comes to the effects of video games on a person’s health. Blue light is often touted as an unavoidable, harmful, element of working with any sort of technology, but how true is this exactly?


In this article, we’ll be taking a look at blue light in more depth, examining what it actually is, how it can affect physical health and well-being, and whether it’s something crucial that the gaming community needs to be more aware of or not.


What is Blue Light?


To start off with, what actually is blue light? The term ‘blue light’ is given to a type of light that’s on the visible color spectrum. The most common source of blue light in our day to day lives is sunlight, but there are many other sources to be aware of. These include, but are not limited to, bulbs, fluorescent lighting, televisions, computers, mobile phones and tablets.


Of course, these are things that you’re almost certain to come across in everyday life, so it would be impossible to completely remove them from your life (unless you moved into an underground cave and cut off all power sources). The thing that can cause harm here is extended, frequent exposure to blue light.


What harm can it cause?


So, what damage can extended exposure to blue light actually cause to your body? After all, it is an incredibly common form of light, so reducing exposure to it will take some consideration and thought. There are some serious health concerns that can come along with extended exposure to this light form, which we think you need to be aware of.


Blue light can cause severe eye strain


One of the main issues that blue light can cause is excessive eye strain. This is due to the fact that blue light on screens can create decreased contrast in imagery, which causes the eye to focus much more than it should. It’s very common, and repeated exposure to excessive blue light can make the issue much worse.


Symptoms of eye strain include redness and pain in the eyes, along with headaches. It can also cause fatigue- this is an issue that students who spend hours upon hours studying on laptops can face. Eye strain can also lead to difficulty focusing, which can be a nightmare when tied in with the other symptoms. Put simply, this is not something you want to be experiencing- especially if you’re a gamer trying to develop your abilities.


Too much blue light can cause eye damage


The other negative side of excessive blue light exposure is that it can cause permanent, severe eye damage. The severity of the damage will of course depend on the frequency of exposure, but whether you’re new to gaming or a seasoned pro, it’s something that’s worth considering nonetheless. Studies suggest that this type of damage can lead to macular degeneration, so it’s worth combating this where possible.


The reason why blue light exposure levels can be so difficult to manage is that our eyes are simply not equipped to deal with excessive exposure. Blue light travels directly through the cornea and lens to our retina, which means that prolonged or frequent exposure can do more harm than other forms of light.


Blue light exposure can interrupt sleep


A final effect of prolonged blue light exposure to consider is that it can severely impact your sleep and mental fatigue levels. This is specifically linked to technology usage, particularly at night times. Blue light exposure can actually disrupt the circadian rhythms, which are the natural internal processes that control the sleep-wake cycle in humans.


One of the worst habits that a lot of people have in regards to this is using their mobile phones at night. This exposure to blue light can severely mess with sleep, and lead to much higher levels of fatigue during the daytime too.


Why is this relevant for gamers?


Now that we’ve seen the detrimental side of excessive blue light exposure, let’s consider the relevance for gamers. It’s a fairly common sense move to link blue light exposure to gaming, but it is worth noting- you would be surprised at how many people don’t consider it.


As gamers, we’re all sitting in front of screens on a pretty regular basis. No matter if you’re a PC gamer, console gamer or handheld gamer, it’s tricky to avoid excessive blue light exposure and still enjoy gaming fully. This is even more relevant if you’re a competitive gamer who spends the majority of their time practicing or competing- there’s simply no solid way to avoid this light entirely.


The importance of blue light blocking glasses


The best thing that you can do to protect yourself from blue light damage is to invest in some adequate protection. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fork over cash for a new computer monitor or fancy new lights in your house. There are some much simpler options available, one of the key ones being blue light blocking glasses. This particular area of the gaming industry has seen some great innovation as of late, and nowadays this is a product that the modern gamer should not be going without.


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